flory Ascona Jazz Festival, 2007

flory Ascona Jazz Festival 2007-- L-R: CF, guitarist Joe Cohn, Judy Carmichael, guitarist Dave Blenkhorn

flory New Year's Eve, Eddie Condon's ca. 1983 (L-R: Vic Dickenson, CF, Phil Flanigan, Red Richards)

flory Benny Goodman concert, Capital Jazz Festival, U.K. 1982

flory Benny Goodman European Tour, summer 1982 (L-R: S. Hamilton, Warren Vache, CF, Benny Goodman, John Bunch, Mel Lewis, Phil Flanigan

flory Same tour, photo taken by Benny Goodman

flory Scott Hamilton Quartet ca. 1981 at Struggle's, a New Jersey club we played at frequently throughout the 80's

flory Scott Hamilton Quartet at Eddie Condon's Club ca. 1979 (L-R: CF, Chuck Riggs, Scott Hamilton, Phil Flanigan) Our regular Sunday night NYC gig 1978-80, where we had featured guests each week, including Buddy Tate, Jimmy Rowles, Vic Dickenson, Red Rodney, Art Farmer, and Big Joe Turner.